Large Portable Firepit



Rated 5 stars for quality.


Made from the toughest, 1/8″ cold rolled steel that is CNC cut and bent, the Fly Offroad firepit (1195-22001) is large with a 16″ x 20″ area for wood. It can be used as a simple firepit or as a grill by adding the additional supplied grate as your cooking surface. Assembly is accomplished in two minutes or less due to the simple and intuitive slot system and supplied torsion clips keeping it all together.

Fly Offroad Large Portable Firepit Features & Benefits

  • Open design contains the fire while allowing the fire to breath properly
  • Assembles in minutes using slotted tabs and torsion clips
  • Collapses down to nearly flat for ease of storage
  • Use as a firepit or grill by adding the additional top grate as a grilling surface
  • Manufactured from 1/8″ cold rolled steel, CNC cut and bent

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