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Will the freedom series front bumper for the JK fit my JL?

YES! We sell this bumper with a spacer for the frame horns for this. This also helps the winch clear the frame when bolted to the JL.

Can I use the freedom series rear bumper to tow my boat?

The rear bumper hitch receiver is rated to a class III hitch rating. Review your vehicles weight towing capacity, along with the weight of your boat, to confirm the class hitch is rated for your towing package.

Will my factory fog lights fit into my freedom series front bumper?

Yes, our Freedom Series Front Bumper has the provisions to fit both OEM and aftermarket fog lights. Our Bumper is designed with multiple mounting locations for the different bezels on the market for fog lights.

What winch will fit in my bumper?

Every most common winch on the market will fit the mounting locations for the bumper. Both the 6” and the 10” span winch mounting holes are provided on our front bumpers.

Can I install my bumpers or armor package myself or should I find a garage / dealer?

We recommend our customers read through the instructions for the product first to determine if they are capable of the install and have all necessary tools or skillsets needed to complete the task. If uncomfortable, we recommend referring to your local 4×4 shop for installation.

What tools do I need to do the installation myself?

Short answer, it depends. In general you should have basic hand tools (sockets, ratchet, wrenches and a hammer) on hand for any install. Beyond that it will depend on the kit you are installing and the vehicle it is getting installed on. We include a list of any specialty tools needed under the install section of each kit page along with detailed step-by-step installation instructions to show how each of those tools will be used. In some cases, especially on older/rusty vehicles additional tools (cutoff wheel, torch, etc.) are necessary to remove old parts during installation and may affect installation time.

Where are Fly Offroad products made?

Fly offroad is based out of Phoenix, Arizona, with internal manufacturing and our shop warehouse. We pride ourselves in USA made products throughout the whole product line giving you the best of the best available on the market!

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