You’ve been ducked by fly offroad!

Duck Duck jeep! you’ve been ducked!

You’ve been ducked by Fly Offroad! What does it mean to get ducked? It means that we thought your Jeep was pretty sweet and wanted to let you know! Hope Eddie The Eagle brought a little fun to your day!

Duck Duck jeep: What’s it all about?  

What is Duck Duck Jeep

Duck Duck Jeep or Ducking simply refers to placing a rubber ducky on another Jeep. At Fly Offroad, we have Eddie The Eagle, a super awesome eagle (who thinks he is a duck). We started to Duck Duck Jeeps as a fun way to show some ducky love to other fellow Jeep owners.

Hopefully, you love Eddie The Eagle as much as we do and display him proudly on the dash of your Jeep!

Why We Love Ducking Jeeps

For lovers of four-wheel-drive and off-roading, buying a Jeep is more than just devotion to a brand, but also to a community.

The Jeep community as a whole is very caring and does a lot of charity events such as Jeepers Back the Blue and Jeeps for Joy. Ducking Jeeps is a fun way of extending that joy to other Jeepers.

Our hope is that our small, quacky friend brings a little joy to your lives.


Share Eddie The Eagle and win cool swag!

We love seeing all the love Eddie The Eagle gets on social media! Whether you’re driving your Jeep around town or hitting the trails, share your pics of Eddie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tik Tok and make sure to tag us to win some awesome swag!

Once a month we will choose our favorite Eddie pic and the winner will get an awesome swag bag full of Fly Offroad gear!

Make sure you tag us so we see your post, and while you’re at it, give us a follow as well!


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